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Tongue & Groove 07/08/10

Hailing from Penzance, Tongue And Groove are a 5 piece rock outfit that share a mutual love of all things Cornish and very loud guitar music! Recorded and produced by Dare Mason at the V.I.P. lounge, Born To Gallivant has a good Rock groove, and has been locally reviewed as a cross between The Beastie Boys and AC/DC!!! Crack open the cans, and turn it up to 11, Tongue And Groove won't disappoint!!! 'Tongue and Groove's 'Born to Gallivant' is a work of genius. Hilarious and fond tales sung in glorious Co...

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The Belfast Busker 07/08/10

The Belfast Busker (07989 430986) Alan Deane left the green shores of Ireland in 1987 with a battered old acoustic guitar and a handful of old folk songs.  After a few years travelling here and there, he ended up in the wonderful county of Cornwall, where in the early 90's he started playing in the old country pubs around Newquay singing his songs whilst the hat was passed around. He has been on the road ever since doing what he does best, breathing new life into ...

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