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Newlyn’s harbour commission on the brink of collapse. 02/06/11

NEWLYN'S harbour commission is on the brink of collapse after a shock secret ballot saw three members dismissed. Nick Howell, John Lambourn and Juliet Taylor were all kicked off the port authority on Tuesday afternoon in a last-minute vote that has been slammed as a breach of the commission's guidelines.   Read the full story at Photo by Darren Rosson

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Fishing in West Cornwall 19/09/10

Fishing in Cornwall has traditionally been one of the main elements of the economy. Pilchard fishing and processing was a thriving industry in Cornwall from around 1750 to around 1880, after which it went into an almost terminal decline. During the 20th century the varieties of fish taken became much more diverse and crustaceans such as crab and lobster are now significant. Much of the catch is exported to France due to the higher prices obtainable there. The industry has featured in numerous works of art, particu...

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Antiquities and Ancient Monuments 08/08/10

The West Cornwall landscape is dotted with ancient monuments, stone circles, hill forts, standing stones and more. In fact, West Cornwall has one of the largest concentration of ancient sites in the entire of Europe, owed in large part to the landscape. West Cornwall's landscape has changes very little since the Bronze age 4500 years ago, resulting in the preservation of hundreds of monuments through the Iron age and into modern times. Chysaster Ancient Village This ancient vill...

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